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Walk the Walk's Annie- Sold
Mini Nubian doeling (Adelita X Rodeo). Lovely blue eyes, with long, wide frosted ears and frosted muzzle.
Born: 4/17/14
Walk the Walk's Ayla- Sold: ​Thank you, Helen. We are so excited that Ayla will be flying all the way to California to her new home with you. 
Mini Nubian doeling (Adelita X Rodeo). 
Beautiful doeling with flashy roaning & moonspots. Long, wide frosted ears, white muzzle, and white poll. 
Born: 4/17/14
Walk the Walk's Walker- Sold: Thank you, Randi and Robert. 
Mini Silky buckling (Whimsy X Scuttlebutt). Black and white, cute markings. Great coat, promising facial hair. 
Born: 3/30/14

Walk the Walk's Ta Da- Sold: Thank you, Randi and Robert. We are thrilled that she is going home with such wonderful people. 
Third generation Mini Nubian doeling, (Trillium X Rodeo). Very feminine doeling with striking blue eyes, beautiful red coat with frosted ears, poll, and muzzle. Great milking lines.
Born: 4/1/14

Walk the Walk's Whinny- Sold: ​Thank you, Randi and Robert.
Mini Silky tiny doeling (Whimsy X Scuttlebutt). Chocolate and white. Lots of coat and facial hair.
Born: 3/30/14